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Pizza Nutley NJ

The pursuit for the very best Pizza Restaurant is finally over…


For more than a quarter century, Amore Pizza by jack calandra has kept our customers coming back for our Delicious Pizza. Starting in two locations in Newark, then opening in Bloomfield and Montclair our mom and pop shop, adjacent to Nutley, is home to the most desirable Pizza in Essex county and beyond. Now exclusively in Nutley NJ.

Pizza prepared by Amore pizza by jack calandra is like no other in Nutley. That’s why it’s the people’s and critics’ choice year after year. For starters, it’s fresh – we mean really fresh. When you pull up to get your order, all you have to do is look, listen and smell.

Produce, bakery, and sometimes meat deliveries are going on in your palette as you bite into your pizza. They don’t come once, but throughout the meal  over and over again. Add the musical symphony of the clanging oven sounds as your pie slides into the box, and you’re assured the tradition continues.

Fresh dough is finely cooked so that the delicious flavor of the cheese finds its way through every slice. It’s the perfect blend of cheese and sauce. Amore uses the highest quality ingredients available. That’s how we prepare our authentic pizzas, and we guarantee it.

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Pizza Nutley NJ

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Pick-Up, Delivery, and Outdoor dinning

Address: 371 Centre Street, Nutley, NJ 07110

Phone: 973-667-5000

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